Mice are rodents and eat mainly grains and cereals. They are however omnivores and will eat meat (or dead mice) when food is scarce. They invade buildings for food and shelter, where they come into conflict with humans


In some instances mice have been known to chew wiring in loft spaces and vehicles causing quite costly damage and or fires. Other problems caused by mice include the spread of infection via faeces and urine, and damage to foodstuffs in the home and storage facilities.


After the rat and humans, the mouse is believed to be the third most successful mammal on earth.


If using traps it is a common misconception that cheese is the best bait to use. Mice prefer a sweet food with high sugar content. Chocolate is a good attractant as is sweet smelling soap.  


Treatment will often require traps or poison to be placed in the areas where activity is detected. 


•In lofts bat droppings are often mistaken for mouse droppings.

•It is illegal to interfere with bats or their roosts






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