Woodworm (common furniture beetle) are small brown beetles approximately 3mm to 4mm long. The adult does not feed, it’s only purpose is to reproduce. A female lays eggs in timber, which in turn hatch into larvae.

Tell-tale tunnels

These larvae eat the starch part of wood creating the tell-tale tunnels that indicate an infestation. Usually this is not noticed until May when the larvae have pupated and emerge through small holes as adults. The hole is typically 1mm to 1.5mm diameter and often there are traces of  dust in and around these fresh holes.

Deathwatch Beetle

Deathwatch beetle are similar to furniture beetle however, they are much larger. Adults are approximately 7mm long. Holes of 4mm to 5mm are not uncommon. 

Activity is indicated by the tapping sound the males make when looking for a mate in the summer. Their name is supposedly derived from an association with quiet sleepless nights watching over dead or dying people.


Treatment of these pests is very specialised. It will require a thorough survey of the property before a treatment strategy can be proposed.

Fungal Decay

Dry rot treatments can also be carried out as part of this treatment.